Criminal Defense & Traffic Tickets

Our lawyers represent defendants in all types of offenses ranging from traffic tickets and driving under the influence to criminal charges such as assault and shoplifting. We offer a free initial consultation to explain your rights and your options.

Even a seemingly minor criminal offense can have a major effect on your life. Here are some examples of how a criminal conviction can affect you long after you pay the fine or serve the time:

  • Traffic tickets. Beyond the fines, a traffic conviction can have a serious effect on your driving privileges, your car insurance rates and even your ability to get car insurance. If you have a commercial driver's license, you could lose your livelihood. Learn more about New Jersey's fines and points schedules to find out how a speeding, reckless driving, auto accident, improper passing or other traffic ticket will affect you.
  • DUI/DWI defense. Short-term penalties for a drunk driving conviction include fines, possible jail time, driver's license suspension and alcohol classes. For three years after your conviction you will be subjected to high-risk auto insurance, resulting in thousands of dollars of additional insurance costs. A drunk driving conviction can also affect your employment.
  • Criminal offenses. Even if you receive probation, a conviction on assault, domestic violence, theft, drug possession or other criminal charges will result in a permanent criminal record. Any conviction may affect your ability to secure housing, employment and even financial aid for college.

How Our Experience Can Benefit You

Our law firm serves as municipal prosecutors for townships of Lakewood and Bricktown; and in the past have prosecuted in Manchester, Point Pleasant Borough and Seaside Park. This background helps us quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of a case from both the prosecution and defense points of view and help you negotiate the most favorable outcome.

For more information about traffic tickets and criminal defense: call our attorneys at 732-719-4156 or 888-657-9720 or contact us online. We serve clients throughout the Greater Ocean County area.