Child Custody

Experienced New Jersey Child Custody Lawyers

There are two types of child custody in New Jersey: legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody concerns the right to make major decisions for your child. Physical custody concerns where your child will live.

Legal custody is almost always shared in New Jersey, except in cases of abuse. Physical custody and visitation are the issues most often litigated. The lawyers at Rothstein, Mandell, Strohm & Halm in Lakewood, New Jersey, can explain the process that courts use to determine child custody. We will also represent your interests in the process.

Did You Know?

  • Standard visitation plans in New Jersey can include overnight visits every weekend or every other weekend, alternate holiday visits, and an extended period of time in the summer. In a joint physical custody plan, parents can each have the children close to 50 percent of the time.
  • Child support is determined by New Jersey guidelines that take into account both parents' earnings and/or earnings capacity. The number of overnight visits you have each year can affect the amount of child support you pay.
  • Child custody and child support can be modified after divorce if your circumstances change. Our lawyers handle modifications of both custody and support.
  • A spouse with child custody cannot relocate without approval from you or a court if it would interfere with visitation awarded by the court.
  • If your spouse does not provide you support or visitation per your divorce order, our lawyers can represent you in an enforcement action.

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